Super Adega, a wholesale retailer with five stores in Brasília (DF), 162 checkouts, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the region, faced the challenge of improving its operational efficiency by reducing errors at the checkout operation and, consequently, the queues.

"It's not an easy task, but technology is precisely here to assist in these processes," said Kennedy Oliveira, Loss Prevention Manager at Super Adega.

One of the major problems at the checkout was, for example, scanning a pack of beer where only one can was accounted for. Moreover, when an error was detected, the cancellation involving a staff member moving to the register took about 4 to 5 minutes, a common scenario for many retailers.

"We also had that fiscal's card for cancellations, often shared with the operator, and there was no way to audit if this process was carried out correctly."

The company decided to implement technology that would bring speed to the checkout process while effectively reducing losses and being able to act in real-time, directly in the stores, before losses occurred.

Increased agility: checkout service time reduced from 4 minutes to 40 seconds

"We opted to use EASiCash with remote monitoring from Inwave, which reduced the time for product cancellation at the checkout from 3 to 4 minutes to 30 or 40 seconds, by replacing in-person validation with the Remote Central's action." This time could be even shorter, but Super Adega chose to have loss prevention staff monitor the process.

"The other day, a customer passed a piece of meat, but it had the price of bread. So, the loss prevention staff identified what had happened and realized that the person who weighed it had used the bread code. If we had just canceled the product, the error could have occurred more frequently," he explains.

"Today, with remote monitoring, we can address errors at the time of purchase in all stores."

As a consequence, the network achieved a 98% reduction in incidents in the validation processes of the cashiers (multiplication, canceling receipts, canceling items, etc.)," he said.

According to Kennedy, another achievement was the reduction of queues, which brings more satisfied customers and improves everyone's work.

"Imagine that on average, we have 1,500 transactions per day, and on busy weekends, it goes up to 4,500 transactions. With the previous operation, involving in-person validation with staff in the store, there were queues at the checkout, and often, we had to rush to the parking lot to get more carts for new arrivals. Today, this doesn't happen, and we can work more smoothly, both in terms of errors and audits."

"EASiCash works on reducing losses and increasing efficiency at the checkout on the same platform. In addition to monitoring operations, EASiCash allows remote supervision, through which several operations that previously required the physical presence of a staff member at the checkout can be done in seconds from a Central. Or, as brilliantly adopted by Super Adega, using loss prevention staff for checkout validations, in addition to monitoring operations," explains Adriano Sambugaro, Marketing and Sales Director at Inwave.

EASiCash is the first web-based checkout monitoring system with cloud storage and can be quickly accessed via the internet from anywhere globally. The manager has quick and easy access to exception clips or the complete video of the receipt in real-time and can search using various filters, crossing product information, item value, receipt value, operation, etc. All this makes auditing more efficient and agile, allowing problems to be addressed with knowledge of their causes.