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Retail demands constant improvement

In acompetitive and technological landscape, innovation is absolutely essential.

Here at Inwave, we understand the complexity and momentum of the sector, which is why we play the role of a catalyst in its transformation. That's why Inwave has its own Research and Development Center that is tasked with deciphering the latest trends in technology and finding new ways to revolutionize the retail market.

Intelligent and adaptable
This is our positioning and, even more, our mission. To anticipate trends and understand market needs, while delivering the most appropriate solution.

Being intelligent is to follow, or even guide, ongoing digital – or physical – evolutions that simplify retailers’ lives, boosting their margins. To be adaptable is to be consistently evolving processes, analysis or services, understanding that different scenarios will require distinct solutions.

Numbers that make the difference


Over 15 years of experience in developing technology


Thousands of connected and efficient points of sale

+100 K

Over100,000 anti-theft antennas and deactivators installed worldwide

Who has had their business transformed by Inwave solutions?

We are proud to serve retail chains of all sizes, by direct sale or distributor, in various market segments.

Our management

Meet the professionals who make a difference in the retail technology market.

Rubens Bulgarelli
Werther Monzato
Nicollas Foliet
Adriano Sambugaro
Gabriel Bulgarelli
Felipe Pilão

What does our team say?

Meet some of the professionals who are part of our team and play a key role in our success.

Mônica Carvalho
Production Assistant, Brazil

"I am part of the Production Team, and I can affirm that the commitment of the entire factory is with the quality and proper functioning of our solutions. We hope that our customers feel safe with Inwave equipment as this will make us very happy!"

Norman Prevot
Europe Manager, France

"My role at Inwave is to create this multicultural bridge between Brazil and Europe so that our European customers can take advantage of all our experience acquired in one of the most demanding countries in terms of security and customer experience, always encouraging this exchange of experience and best practices."

Vanessa Urbieta
Business Development Manager, Brazil

"Loss prevention has become an area that is involved in strategic decisions and it's great to see how the application of technology can help to meet goals and mitigate risks in partnership with retailers."

Antoine Gaucher
Export and Import Analyst, France

"I’ve always enjoyed contact with other cultures and it’s really rewarding to work on connecting customers and suppliers from different countries. Today, the most gratifying result of these human experiences is finding Inwave equipment in stores around the world."

Gustavo Carrer
Head of Business Development, Brazil

"I believe that technology should be simple at the front and sophisticated at the rear, so I work hard on translating technological innovations into objective and practical applications for retailers."

Excellence and intelligence that ensure results

Our awards and certifications

Recognition from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

For contributions to Brazilian technology through our Research and Development activities, within the criteria of the PPB (Basic Production Process), according to the Information Technology Law No. 8,248/91.

Conformité Européenne - Bureau Veritas

Our electronic equipment is produced in compliance with criteria required by the European market, CE (Conformité Européenne), according to tests carried out by Bureau Veritas in France.

ISO 9001

Quality Certification for design, development, manufacture and maintenance of EAS equipment in Radio Frequency (RF) and Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technologies, with TUV Nord Group auditing.

GPTW - Great Place to Work

Company certified by the international consultancy GPTW as an excellent place to work according to a survey given to our employees, valuing inclusion, learning and creativity.

Ranking Exame – PwC – BTG Pactual

For the past two years, Inwave has placed among the fastest growing companies in Brazil according to the Exame's Business Expansion Ranking, conducted in partnership with BTG Pactual and PwC Brasil.

Dahua Award

Inwave has been recognized as an outstanding partner in the retail segment by Dahua Technology, a leading manufacturer of video and image analytics-based solutions and services.

The Eagle Award, Vertical Project of the Year

The Shared Services Center (SSC) project implemented by Inwave in the Novo Atacarejo network received the award promoted by Hikvision for its disruptive nature in the use of imaging technology.

How do we do all this?

Our portfolio of solutions is constantly updating and expanding, but our most important deliveries are solutions to reduce losses, improve the shopping experience and provide information for retail management.

EASi | Intelligent anti-theft systems

New generation of EAS anti-theft systems that facilitates remote management of equipment and integration with other technologies. Developed by Inwave, intelligent EAS allows you to check the operating status of EAS devices at each store in the network, with data from each piece of equipment installed, providing greater productivity and control.

EAS intelligent
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Inwave Darwin Platform

Platform for monitoring and managing retail processes, the Inwave Darwin solution has a number of adaptable and evolutionary applications for greater retail efficiency. Reduce operating costs at the checkout, ensure processes are conducted in different areas of the store, control access to your stand-alone stores, audit all your weighing operations and more!

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Intelligent Video Analytics (iVA)

A technology that turns images into strategic data and insights. With Inwave's iVA solution, it's now possible to better understand what drives engagement at the point of sale, analyze consumer behavior in physical retail stores, and apply metrics that better align to online retail strategies, such as customer flow, most visited areas and others.

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Raildome Rail Camera

Inwave's rail camera, Raildome revolutionizes the way large spaces are monitored with added security and agility, allowing the operation on a single screen. Discreet and silent, the camera moves along an unlimited length rail that is covered by a mirrored tube, going virtually unnoticed by customers and malicious visitors.

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Intelligent EAS integrated with the store's CCTV camera system, EASiGuard makes it easy to monitor and manage the EAS anti-theft system, linking a video clip to each antenna alarm event. EASiGuard makes it possible to conduct audits, assess and improve processes, analyze team performance in case of events, improve management and increase the results.

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