Research and Development

Innovation and technology for a more secure and efficient retail environment.

Innovations in Research and Development

Inwave distinguishes itself in the market through its in-house team of hardware and software engineers and for its never-ending quest for innovation through Research and Development (R&D).

Committed to excellence, we have made significant investments in emerging technologies and the creation of advanced retail solutions. Our focus is on increasing operational efficiency, minimizing losses and improving the shopping experience, delivering results that drive growth and strategic business management.

Connectivity for retail evolution

We believe retail can do more and be even better. To do this, we apply the Internet of Things (IoT) concept and develop connected solutions that place retailers in a new reality, with more analytical management that helps them get ready for the future.
+ connected equipment
+ integration between technologies
+ data for business management

Innovative solutions for boosted operational efficiency

Inwave Darwin

A platform for monitoring and managing retail processes, the Inwave Darwin solution has a number of adaptable and evolutionary applications for greater retail efficiency. Its technology are improving results: from the checkout module that enables remote monitoring of operations to applications for stand-alone stores, weighing areas such as butchers and others.

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EASi – Intelligent EAS

EASi is the new generation of EAS anti-theft systems. Developed by Inwave, the intelligent EAS consists of antennas and label deactivators connected to the Internet, facilitating remote management in real time. Intelligent EAS also enables EAS integration with other technologies such as in-store CCTV and checkout area, extending the benefits of EAS anti-theft technology.

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Technology and Efficiency

According to the guidelines from the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Inwave's R&D structure is driven by a policy of constantly reinvesting part of its annual turnover in the development of new solutions.

On average, 10% of revenue is reinvested into the Research & Development of new technology solutions

20% of the entire Inwave team (including the manufacturing plant) is composed of specialized developers and engineers

A history of innovation

For more than two decades, Inwave has been a pioneer in creating cutting-edge electronic security systems, while continuously adapting to the needs of the retail market.

Our portfolio reflects our mission to offer not just products, but also intelligent, connected solutions that deliver a better experience and increased control along with operational insights. This collaborative approach with global segment partners strengthens our offering, ensuring a specialized ecosystem for retail.

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