Super Adega, with five stores in Brasília (Brazilian Federal District), 162 checkout points, one of the fastest growing companies in the region, had a challenge to improve its operational efficiency, reducing errors in cash-front operation and, consequently, long lines. "It is not an easy task, but the technology is a major help in these processes," says Kennedy Oliveira, Loss Prevention Manager for Super Adega.

In this video, Kennedy shows the Super Adega Remote Center and how the use of EASiCash for remote monitoring and supervision of cashiers is generating benefits to the chain's bottom line.

Reduction of errors in checkout operations

"After making cancellations (of an item or coupon) and multiplications, we saw a lot of errors in the audits. Today, we've seen a drastic reduction of up to 98%.”

Loss reduction

"Regarding losses, we continue to gain from assisted monitoring. Here, we have a real-time monitoring team where we audit operations using mosaics, checking all the checkouts, identifying unregistered items, and where we register our exceptions.
We can see a lot, especially in items with the most inventory problems, stock shortages, such as beer, chocolate, and milk. We used to have quite a few issues, and since then, we've seen a reduction of 60% to 70% in losses for these specific items, not to mention that we're working on reducing high percentages in our overall operations."

Increased cashier service agility

"Our average service time was 3 to 4 minutes, between getting there and providing the service. And then the customer waiting, and the other customer waiting, and the other customer waiting... This is what accounted for the long waiting time. With the arrival of EASiCash, we were able to reduce this to 40 seconds of service, with higher quality service and better speed for our customer. Upset customers who used to have to wait 3 to 4 minutes to be served by a cashier... we no longer have this problem."

Increased customer satisfaction

"The great thing is that, pretty much on the first weekend, we were able to monitor some customer interactions and we could see how happy they were, and the customer's perception when he said: - "Wow, so that girl you always call over doesn't need to come here anymore?' So, it's really nice to see this customer feedback and we can see that there was a real issue we needed to resolve in our services."