Investing in solutions that boost efficiency is an important point for retail, but it is also important to understand whether these solutions provide a good return on investment for retailers. That's why we're going to present the operational advantages of the Darwin solution, Inwave's checkout module, and highlight the main indicators for measuring your ROI (Return on Investment). We will address both its remote supervision functionality of checkout operations, as well as its functionality of auditing and monitoring.

The Darwin checkout module is a web software with cloud storage that combines tools necessary for managing the checkout areas of all stores in a network in a single platform through a remote center.

This advantage gives us some important indicators to prove ROI, including:

  1. Reduction of resources to supervise checkout areas: the remote supervision functionality means that cashier validations are carried out more efficiently at a central location, since the teams at the central location are not idle, thanks to a queue for all the stores. As a result, we've been able to reduce the number of frontline cashiers in the stores (headcount, expenses and payroll) and we've seen improved customer satisfaction because the process makes the checkout more streamlined and provides faster customer service;
  2. Improved speed in the validation of the cashier through remote supervision: Simplifying and streamlining processes, instead of the cashier needing to call a supervisor to effect a cancellation in person, the Darwin solution simply contacts the central office via a phone connected to the Points of Sale (POS) and requests the cancellation of the item, which happens in about 17 seconds. We are able to measure this at the checkout points when we have quicker remote validations. What usually takes a few minutes when done locally, we've seen an average service of 20 to 25 seconds with the team of remote operators;
  3. Reduction of monitoring costs through the operation at the plant: in the past, monitoring was carried out store to store in point-of-sale operations. Because Darwin is a web solution, the application can be accessed through a simple internet access point. In addition, the solution also has cloud storage. Darwin's architecture favors centralization: fewer people monitoring a greater number of stores  in a more assertive and targeted way. This makes loss prevention and asset security teams much more productive;
  4. Reduction of unidentified losses and greater accuracy in inventory: the reduction of unidentified losses is measured through inventory. So when we talk about greater accuracy for inventories, we are really referring to potential losses and additional records that can be identified through the Darwin solution, helping the audit team regulate stock more quickly and assertively, reducing errors and, consequently, possible losses;
  5. Fraud detection, with evidence that can be used as legal proof: fraud videos identified by the Inwave Darwin platform can be used as legal evidence, especially when the frauds are committed by store employees. Through the recorded videos of the Darwin module for checkout areas, which are associated with tax receipts, it is possible for the labor legal department of the retail chain dismiss someone for just cause. The process needs to be well grounded and include all the required documentation, which includes videos from the Darwin platform of the checkout area, as the recorded evidence is essential to prove fraud and collusion.

The Inwave Darwin platform makes it possible to audit and monitor cashier points in real time, crossing audio and video information with tax receipt data, in addition to performing remote supervision of exception events, such as item cancellations, coupon cancellations or price checks, among others. Don't miss out on this solution and benefit from its Return on Investment (ROI).