Novo Atacarejo, a Northeastern region chain based in Pernambuco with only 4 years of existence, has shown remarkable growth, numbering 27 stores in December 2023. This expansion is supported by the Shared Services Center (or CSC, in Portuguese), an Intelligence Center implemented by the chain in partnership with Inwave.

In this video, Clayton Silva, who heads the Internal Controls area of Novo, explains that the project was based on understanding market practices and identifying the changes needed to obtain better results. It is an innovative approach, driven by technology, that provides real-time remote supervision to the routines carried out each day in all areas of the stores.

"The Shared Services Center performs a workflow routine that was discussed and built with the relevant areas," explains Clayton, who lists the project's objectives under three key points:

1) Process auditing

2) Checkout attendance with the Remote Inspector

3) Reduction in unidentified losses

Operations Control Module: less risk and more efficiency throughout the store

In the Operations Control module, the Remote Center works directly in assessing compliance in a number of areas by analyzing pre-defined checkpoints, as Simone Nascimento, in charge of running the CSC, points out.

"We have remote monitoring through the store's camera images, where we audit processes. Our expert staff, divided into various groups such as checkout, perishables, loading docks and store process specialists, follows a pre-defined checklist and verifies all points marked as critical. If they identify any issues at any of these points, they contact the store immediately and work with one of the managers." — Simone Nascimento, head of CSC Novo Atacarejo.

Inwave technology played an important role in transforming the audit process for operations at Novo Atacarejo. With an average of 60,000 audits performed in real time each month, the company was able to significantly reduce accidents and improve food safety, as well as streamline the processes of receiving and storing goods. The proactive approach to identifying the causes of losses in stores has also helped to make operations more efficient.

Checkout Module: more efficiency in service

The introduction of remote checkout through the Intelligence Center yielded impressive results. With approximately 170,000 calls per month, the agility provided by the specialized unit resulted in a significant reduction in physical service time, from 2 to 3 minutes to an average of 25 seconds. This efficient approach not only improved the customer experience, but also increased responsiveness to store demands.

"When talking about the remote inspector aspect, we saw an average of 170,000 calls per month for the 23 existing stores, and all of these calls are taken out of the store's operation. Imagine that when we make this pickup activity, better service is possible, along with improved monitoring by the cashier themselves and even customer satisfaction" — Clayton Silva, Novo Atacarejo Internal Controls.

The success story of Novo Atacarejo, driven by Inwave technology, spotlights the importance of retail innovation. By understanding the specific pains of the company and adopting a strategic vision, the CSC has become a game-changer. The application of the technology not only improved operational efficiency, but also resulted in a more agile and satisfying experience for customers. The significant reduction in physical service time and the ability to perform audits in real time demonstrate the positive impact of technology on the dynamics of Novo Atacarejo.