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EASi: the new generation of anti-theft systems for retail

EASi technology — Smart EAS — goes beyond traditional electronic merchandise protection systems. Using IoT, with connected equipment, allows online management of the system and integration between technologies.
Developed by Inwave, EASi enables the generation of data for process improvement, people management and continuous reduction of losses.

Remote technical adjustment: more economy and agility

Inwave's EAS antennas and deactivators can be accessed remotely by the technical team for diagnosis and eventual interventions.
Inwave's exclusive system allows viewing and adjusting technical data and making adjustments, avoiding displacement of the technical team in most service requests.

Graphical interface facilitates equipment management in all stores in the network

EASi - Inwave's intelligent EAS - can be managed remotely through an intuitive graphic interface on Inwave's RHUBI platform.
Visual indicator of the status of each connected device.
Various filters, with online query or data export to excel.
Indicators and metrics by store, neighborhood, region or across the entire network.

Online management of the entire network

Graphical interface connected to the Google API to retrieve store opening times and a global view of each store's operation.

Real-time tracking

Floor plan or image of the store, with “health” indicator of connected antennas and deactivators, in real time.

Indicators and metrics

Stored data and alerts, generated by the products or by technical calls, result in notes for operation and use.

Process audit

Optional CCTV integration allows checking of video clips linked to the anti-theft antenna alarms.

Comparison between stores

Ranking the use of the system allows pointing out corrective measures to improve the overall grade, in the process of continuous improvement.

RHUBI: online management in real time and centralized operation

Through the RHUBI platform, it is possible to view the status of all installed equipment, in all stores in the network, in addition to accessing data generated by antennas and deactivators. Another advantage is the integration with other solutions, crossing data in dashboards that facilitate retail management.

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