POS/SCO video analytics

EASiCash: POS monitoring

Reduce losses generated at checkouts with real-time operation tracking and event auditing

State-of-the-art POS management system

EASiCash is a web-based software for checkout monitoring with cloud storage.
Audio and video of checkout processes associated with the tax coupon.
Reduction of unidentified losses and greater inventory accuracy.
Fraud detection, with evidence that can be used as legal proof.
Identification of errors in cash operations, providing data for team training and continuous process improvement.

Remote supervisor provides more agility for service in stores

In addition to monitoring activity at checkouts, EASiCash makes it possible to remotely supervise the operators, allowing immediate action on the checkout operation and authorization of exceptions such as item cancellation, coupon cancellation, and others.

Video and audio evidence

The EASiCash system provides audio and video of checkout operations, linked to the cashier's coupon, which can serve as legal evidence in the event of fraud.

Integration with EAS system

EASiCash is integrated with Inwave's EAS system, allowing better monitoring and handling of high risk products.

Subscan analytics

Using computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, EASiCash is capable of issuing alerts in the event of suspicious products that have gone through the checkout counter without a purchase record.

RHUBI: online management in real time and centralized operation

EASiCash is part of the RHUBI platform, Inwave's Retail Hub Intelligence, which allows real-time online management of the system, enabling the monitoring and auditing of events to take place centrally and optimizing resources.

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