About Inwave

Our Company

We believe retail can do more and better.

Our mission is this: to build a safer and more efficient retail environment using technology. We believe that the retail sector can improve its results, bringing more benefits to all stakeholders: retail chains, employees, consumers, supplier industries and society as a whole.
With manufacturing and offices in France and Brazil, Inwave develops technology to reduce losses and increase retail operational efficiency, and includes international certifications and thousands of equipment installed around the world.


R&D team with specialized engineers and developers

Innovation with connected equipment, remote management and data generation

Quality recognized by major retail chains all over the world


Over the years, Inwave has dedicated roughly 10% of its revenue to Research & Development, employing a team of specialized developers and engineers, as well as having a rich ecosystem of global technology partners.

In addition to possessing an excellent community of global technology partners, our expert developers and engineers are focused on creating connected solutions that generate data for management.
We are ready to build the retail environment of the future with more efficiency and fewer losses.

Solutions chosen by major retailers around the world.

Certified by the international consultancy GPTW as an excellent company to work for, Inwave values an environment of inclusion, autonomy, learning and creativity, with a dose of innovation.

"I am part of the Production Team, and I can affirm that the commitment of the entire factory is with the quality and proper functioning of our solutions. We hope that our customers feel safe with Inwave equipment as this will make us very happy!"

Mônica Carvalho
Production Assistant, Brazil

"I’ve always enjoyed contact with other cultures and it’s really rewarding to work on connecting customers and suppliers from different countries. Today, the most gratifying result of these human experiences is finding Inwave equipment in stores around the world."

Antoine Gaucher
Export and Import Analyst, France

"My Commitment is to ensure that all demands we receive from the service department are delivered with quality and excellence, making sure the entire store operation runs at maximum efficiency and improving retailers' profits."

Angelo Avelino
Technical supervisor, Brazil

"My role at Inwave is to create this multicultural bridge between Brazil and Europe so that our European customers can take advantage of all our experience acquired in one of the most demanding countries in terms of security and customer experience, always encouraging this exchange of experience and best practices."

Norman Prevot
Europe Manager, France

Our Leadership

Werther Monzato
Production and Engineering
Nicolas Folliet
Research and Development
Rubens Bulgarelli
Business Development
Adriano Sambugaro
Marketing and Sales
Gabriel Bulgarelli
Finance and Operations