EAS + CCTV Platform

EASiGuard: EAS + Analytic CCTV

Improve your stores' processes and security with image auditing of alarm events from the EAS system

Beyond EAS: Video evidence for every trigger of the anti-theft antenna

EASiGuard is based on the integration of EASi (intelligent EAS) with the store's CCTV system, linking a video clip to each burst of the anti-theft antenna.
This technology helps audit events and continuous improvement of processes by identifying the causes of possible occurrences of theft and training the team.

Exploit the full potential of EAS systems

The intelligent EAS technology allows the system to be managed remotely, with status visualization and a series of adjustments that can be made offsite, minimizing any periods with inoperative equipment.
With EASiGuard, the analysis of antenna alarm incidents also helps identify possible interferences, pointing out any necessary actions to eliminate noise sources and improve the overall performance of the system.

Visualization of events

EASiGuard links a video clip to each alarm triggered by the anti-theft antennas, allowing events to be audited and ensuring that there is evidence of incidents and threats. It also allows indicators to be created in order to classify videos.

Assess staff performance

By classifying events, the performance of the team can be evaluated qualitatively by analyzing the clip related to each alarm triggered by the anti-theft antennas, as well as quantitatively (presence/absence of the inspector).

Monitor suspicious activity

By analyzing the videos, it becomes possible to map out and identify the recurring visit of ill-intentioned people who may be looking to commit a theft.

Optimize processes and personnel management

The ability to integrate with the store's CCTV enhances the benefits of the EAS, facilitating assessments and continuous process improvements. It also helps in scaling and deploying the loss prevention team.

Improved team training routine

The video clips generated by EASiGuard serve as valuable material for personnel management and team training, given the fact that it is based on the actual challenges of each store in the chain.

Analyze events and occurrences

Identification and analysis of the characteristics of incidents with possible occurrences. Using this data, the retailer has important information at hand, including the period/time with the highest incidences, the most visited locations in the store, if there was a preventive approach, if the entrance/exit point of the store was lacking a loss prevention inspector, among others.

RHUBI: online management in real time and centralized operation

O EASiGuard is part of the Rhubi platform – Inwave’s Retail Hub Intelligence – where the status of installed solutions can be viewed in real time, in addition to centralizing the monitoring and auditing operation of alarm incidents, optimizing operating costs.

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