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Why become an Inwave partner?

Inwave is a technology development company that has risen to global distinction in the retail technology market. Our solutions are intended to improve retail profits by reducing losses, increasing operational efficiency and improving the shopping experience for customers. We work to help retail go even further. And we believe that the benefits of technology extend to the entire ecosystem, including our partners, distributors, and OEM customers.

Together we can go even further

From our production units in Brazil and France, we're ready for international expansion based on distributor development, in addition to an advanced online management platform for installed solutions. We believe in building strong partnerships, linking our offer of high-performance technology to the experience of our partners in their local markets.

Rhubi: you in control

The Rhubi platform allows Inwave distributors to manage the solutions installed on their customers, in addition to centralizing the provision of auditing and monitoring services.

Dashboard and call management

Inwave also offers an end customer service portal where a dashboard can be accessed with the data generated by the connected equipment, in addition to the management of technical calls.

Access to a universe of solutions

In addition to Inwave's team of engineers and developers, it also boasts a rich ecosystem of global partners to offer relevant and innovative solutions to its customers.

"The partnership with Inwave has helped us to offer the security market more innovative solutions and better management of equipment alerts, with the EASi Software. Today, customers can have real-time control of alarms and theft alerts, the status of equipment in terms of operability, thus ensuring a better return on investment, more efficient and prepared for integration and centralized monitoring. All equipment is designed and developed to guarantee the best performance, design and quality, offering connectivity and intelligence in the management of those who invest, their differentiation."

Carlos Truta, CEO Gateway Ibéria

"Global Security Solutions (GSS) has been working with Inwave for over 10 years, with good experience in quality, design and pricing. The assistance we received from Inwave in customer service, projects, proposals for customers, has been more than excellent! We have participated in Expos and bids presenting Inwave, knowing that we have its entire team supporting us."

F. Jaime Acosta, Diretor Geral, Global Security Solutions

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