Video analytics

iVA: Intelligent video analysis

Reduce checkout losses with real-time operation tracking and event auditing

Transform images into data and metrics

The iVA solution — Intelligent Video Analytics — is a set of technologies (hardware and software) that can analyze images in order to detect and identify objects, people, events and behaviors automatically. It is a connected solution (IoT) that provides data on flow counts, purchase intent, heat maps, dwell time and more. With this technology, physical retailers gain the ability to use consumer behavior metrics that are equivalent to those used by online retailers.

Information for commercial, operational and marketing decisions

The iVA allows the retailer to know the profile and behavior of customers in the store. With this information, it is possible to identify prime areas and validate planograms, improve product positioning, calculate attractiveness rate, evaluate promotional actions, monitor queues and much more.
Through the Inwave Portal, several graphs are available for analysis of data collected by iVA:
Distribution of visitors by gender, age group and moodPeople count by store area, day of the week, time and dwell timePeople count map by day of the week and time
Heatmap of the most visited areas of the store by quantity and length of stay

Improved queue management

The data provided by iVA can also be used to monitor checkout wait times or to provide better customer service by allocating employees to areas of higher demand in a given period.

Customer journey tracking

iVA provides data on store traffic patterns and dwell times in specific areas. This data helps retailers plan the most effective merchandising, layout, exposure, and space allocation.

Better shopping experience

The iVA's settings can be customized according to the store's profile and business strategy, providing a variety of data that can be combined to continuously improve product and service offerings for a better shopping experience.

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