Research and Development

Research and Development

Innovation providing higher quality performance.

What do you need to get ahead? We're inspired by discovering new solutions to old problems. Inwave was founded and built on the pillars of research and development of new technologies, with a special focus on increasing operational efficiency by reducing losses and generating data for more efficient and analytical management.

Embedded Technology

Hardware solutions with embedded IoT technology

Image Processing Technology

Video analysis and computer vision systems

RHUBI - Retail Hub Intelligence

Real-time online management platform

For 20 years, Inwave has been developing equipment for the electronic protection of goods. We have created dozens of models of anti-theft antennas and deactivators in AM and RF technologies, in an effort to meet the growing demands of retail. We innovated with the development of EASi – intelligent EAS – which has provided a fresh vision for store management, with data generation and integrating EAS with other technologies.
In recent years, we have built a broad portfolio of connected solutions that ensure easier management, improved use of systems and better results.We work in partnership with leading companies in their segments by combining the most advanced technology in the world with an ecosystem specialized in retail, enhancing benefits for retail and industry.

R&D Structure

On average, 10% of all revenue is reinvested into Research & Development of new technology solutions

20% of the entire Inwave team (including the manufacturing plant) is made up of leading developers and engineers