Rail Camera

Raildome®: rail camera

More security in monitoring large spaces, with high efficiency of operation on a single screen.

Discrete and integrated surveillance of the environment

The Raildome® is a camera embedded in a cart (PTZ and translational motion) that accurately moves at very high speed inside a tube with a mirrored finish. It is discreet and easy to integrate into the environment, going unnoticed by shopping customers and also malicious visitors.
The Raildome® cart with onboard motorization is autonomous thanks to its lithium battery. It moves freely on the rail without cables and friction. It has silent, fast and precise detachment thanks to a rubber roller support.

100% coverage with single screen operation

With Raildome®, the agent covers important zones on a single screen, anticipating occurrences and tracking all suspicious acts more efficiently and without any loss of information.
The PTZ camera travels quickly (10m/s) within a polyester, mirrored tubular structure, delivering high-resolution images in real time with complete discretion and precision.

Guaranteed return on investment

By becoming the primary camera of the CCTV system, the Raildome® optimizes operating costs, reducing the amount of equipment needed to reach 100% visual coverage. Because it is more discreet and especially accurate, it guarantees a return on investment much more quickly than any other standard solution on the market, whether in loss prevention or operational management.

Full coverage with accurate images

The high speed of travel and the camera with 360° rotation, 180° rotation and powerful high-resolution zoom allow the visualization of space in all details, avoiding blind spots.

Adaptable size and reduced maintenance

With a modular system in 3-meter stretches, the rail can be assembled at the desired length, up to 300 meters. The trolley is designed to prevent dust from being generated and parts becoming worn down by using a clean and frictionless system.

Full compatibility

The Raildome® camera can be integrated into all rails on the market and be piloted through all keyboards, optimizing the retrofit of old analog systems with all the benefits of the IP/Full HD Freemotion 8 version.

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