Retail Supervision Watch

Watch'in: Retail Supervision Watch

Ensure greater efficiency and safety by equipping your employees with a solution designed for professionals exposed to risks

Locate, alert and help your team in real time

The Watch'in system is designed to assist and monitor the isolated worker in hazardous situations, providing greater safety and control to the operation.
Warns the monitoring center in the event of an alert (immobile, inclined, panic button).
Permanent tracking of guards and cloud data storage (AWS).
Two-way audio communication and discreet listening when the panic button is activated.
Control the operation through data on rounds, procedures and behavior: location data, activity times and user position, with alerts in situations pre-defined by the manager such as immobility or prolonged leaning.

Anti-Aggression Configuration with Discreet Alarm

Discreet, ergonomic and with fast access, the Watch'in can prevent an escalation of violence and quickly alert in case of attack thanks to its 100% hands-free SOS alert.
Special emergency triggers through wrist movementActivation confirmed by vibration.
Alert sent directly to pre-configured recipients through call and/or SMS and/or IP data sending, without a pre-alert phase.
Discreet post-alert notification without display and without sound location. The screen remains black, the clock automatically answers incoming calls and silences the speaker: only the caller can hear the environment around the clock.

Visual coverage with integrated rail camera

Raildome® can be integrated into Inwave's Watch'in system for emergencies. When the panic alert is triggered through the clock, the camera automatically moves to the location so that the incident can be visualized and action can be taken. With Raildome®, it is possible to track user movement in detail, with the features of 360° rotation, 180° rotation and powerful zoom in high resolution.

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