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We believe that retail enterprises can operate with fewer losses and greater operational efficiency, while offering a better shopping experience to their customers. This is why we work on the research and development of connected solutions that facilitate management and generate data for smarter and more analytical management.

Connected equipment providing data for management

A team of expert engineers and developers

Quality endorsed by retailers worldwide

Technology solutions to boost retail results

EASi: intelligent EAS solutions

Intelligent anti-theft antennas that provide data for managing and optimizing resources

EASiGuard: EAS + CCTV platform

Video evidence for event auditing and improving processes

EASiCash: POS/SCO video analytics

Video and audio analysis platform to reduce losses and improve customer service at checkout

Raildome: rail camera

Simplicity and robustness for monitoring large spaces on a single screen with no obstacles

iVA: video analytics intelligence

Technology for automated event identification and indicator generation

Solutions chosen by major retailers around the world.

Certified by the international consultancy GPTW as an excellent company to work for, Inwave values an environment of inclusion, autonomy, learning and creativity, with a dose of innovation.

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