More security in monitoring large spaces, with high operational efficiency on a single screen. As the primary camera in the CCTV system, Raildome® optimizes operational costs by reducing the number of equipment required to achieve 100% visual coverage. Raildome® is a camera mounted on a cart that moves at high speed and with precision inside a tube with a mirrored finish.

  • DISCREET - With its 250 micron polyester mirror cover, Raildome® offers discreet surveillance by integrating perfectly into its environment and prevents the analysis of the movements of the  camera carriage by malicious persons.
  • PRECISE - Experience the 360° rotation and a back-flip of 180°. See all the details thanks to the powerful zoom and high image resolution. Thanks to the track system, avoid blind spots, go around obstacles and never lose sight of the lens.
  • QUICK - Monitor your different spaces efficiently with fast movement. Raildome® can reach a speed of 10 meters per second. During stops, the new camera carriage system automatically recharges its battery, which gives it a long autonomy.
  • ADAPTABLE - With its monobloc aluminum profile (per section of 3 meters), choose the length of rail you want you want (up to 300 meters). Raildome® is compatible with different rail profiles to adapt to your to adapt to your structure.
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Save time and money with a clean and frictionless system. The camera carriage has been designed to avoid dust generation and wear of parts. Minimum maintenance guaranteed.
  • QUALITY - Take advantage of a French know-how and long experience in the field of video protection and security for large spaces.
  • ERGONOMIC - Get to grips with the product quickly and intuitively. The IP technology and our software developed in-house allow compatibility with the major brands of the market (existing control panels and keyboards).