Ensuring complete and effective surveillance of large spaces is an essential demand in retail, whether in large stores or distribution centers. In aiming to meet this objective, complex CCTV projects often feature a large number of cameras in an attempt to reduce blind spots.

When comparing projects using conventional cameras to those employing the RailDome® rail camera, the difference is striking, both in terms of simplicity and operational efficiency.

The RailDome® rail camera is an onboard camera on a trolley that moves at very high speeds with precision inside a tube with a mirrored finish. Its discreet design easily integrates into the environment, going unnoticed by shopping customers and also by ill-intentioned visitors.

There are numerous advantages!

Here are the 5 main reasons that have propelled the RailDome® rail camera to the forefront of CCTV projects for retail:

  1. Total coverage of the environment – The high speed of movement, 360-degree rotation, 180-degree tilt, and powerful high-resolution zoom allow for detailed space visualization, avoiding blind spots.
  2. Increased security and operational efficiency on a single screen – With the RailDome® rail camera, the operator covers important zones on a single screen, anticipating incidents and monitoring all suspicious activities without information loss and with greater efficiency.
  3. Adaptable size and reduced maintenance – With a modular system in 3-meter sections, the rail assembly can be tailored to the desired size, up to 300 meters. The trolley was designed to prevent the generation of dust and wear of parts, in a clean, frictionless system.
  4. Designed for various applications – Protecting people, controlling site operations, or even combating losses: the RailDome® rail camera is a solution that meets diverse needs. Ideal for installation in large spaces such as hypermarkets, industries, distribution centers, and more.
  5. Assured return on investment – By becoming the primary camera in the CCTV system, RailDome® optimizes operational costs, reducing the number of necessary equipment for achieving 100% visual coverage. Being more discreet and notably precise, it ensures a faster return on investment than any other standard market solution, whether in loss prevention or operational management.

Watch the RailDome® in action to better understand its advantages.