Tag deactivators
AM 58 kHz
and online management

Inwave offers a complete line of AM deactivators in a variety of formats to better adapt to the strategy of each store. All models are part of the EASi system – Intelligent EAS – optimizing operation management.

How do AM
deactivators work?

Deactivators are part of the EAS anti-theft system in retail. At the time of purchase, the deactivator emits a signal that deactivates the tag, neutralizing its magnetic resonance. As such, only products whose tags have not been deactivated at checkouts will trigger the antennas positioned at the store's entrances.

Intelligent EAS: connectivity that provides results

Developed by Inwave, EASi is the new generation of anti-theft systems for retail. IoT solution, with equipment connected to the Internet, facilitates remote access and data generation for management, bringing direct benefits to the operation.

Check out the various AM deactivator models

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AM Smart Slim

Designed to be built into the checkout, integrating with store furniture.

AM Smart Pad

The model designed to be installed into checkouts does not require cutting into furniture.

AM Smart Flex

Can be used by two checkouts simultaneously, ideal for compact stores.

AM Smart Scan

Model integrated into the scanner, facilitating registration and deactivation in a single operation.

AM Smart Scale

Integrated with the checkout scale, it brings more agility, optimizing processes.

AM Contact deactivator

To be installed on the checkout, it does not require control electronics.

Integration between technologies that boosts security and productivity


Analyze and improve processes, with a video clip linked to each trigger of the anti-theft antenna.

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The security of the EAS combined with RFID traceability provides better inventory management and loss reduction.

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EASi on the Darwin platform

Add layers of security to Darwin applications for assisted operation and auditing operations.

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AM Smart Deactivator Eletronic

Fast and accurate deactivation with Smart AM electronics
Inwave AM deactivators use Smart deactivator electronic, part of the EASi system, which ensures that EAS tags are deactivated quickly and with excellent performance.

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intelligent EAS integration and analytical CCTV that generates insights and improves processes

EASiGuard consists of integrating EASi (intelligent EAS) into the store's CCTV system, linking a video clip to each trigger of the anti-theft antenna, allowing images of events generated via EAS to be audited.This technology makes it easier to analyze events and continuously improve processes by identifying the causes of potential thefts and providing support for staff training.

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Technical information

Learn more about Inwave's antennas and access the comparative table of all our equipment, as well as the technical tables with more information about each of our solutions.

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Any questions?

Learn more about Inwave's EAS solutions and technologies in our full FAQ

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Discover Inwave's solutions

Our portfolio of solutions is constantly updating and expanding, but our most important deliveries are solutions to reduce losses, improve the shopping experience and provide information for retail management.

Inwave Darwin Platform

Platform for monitoring and managing retail processes, the Inwave Darwin solution has a number of adaptable and evolutionary applications for greater retail efficiency. Reduce operating costs at the checkout, ensure processes are conducted in different areas of the store, control access to your stand-alone stores, audit all your weighing operations and more!

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Raildome Rail Camera

Inwave's rail camera, Raildome revolutionizes the way large spaces are monitored with added security and agility, allowing the operation on a single screen. Discreet and silent, the camera moves along an unlimited length rail that is covered by a mirrored tube, going virtually unnoticed by customers and malicious visitors.

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Intelligent Video Analytics (iVA)

A technology that turns images into strategic data and insights. With Inwave's iVA solution, it's now possible to better understand what drives engagement at the point of sale, analyze consumer behavior in physical retail stores, and apply metrics that better align to online retail strategies, such as customer flow, most visited areas and others.

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EASi | Intelligent anti-theft systems

New generation of EAS anti-theft systems that facilitates remote management of equipment and integration with other technologies. Developed by Inwave, intelligent EAS allows you to check the operating status of EAS devices at each store in the network, with data from each piece of equipment installed, providing greater productivity and control.

EAS intelligent
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Intelligent EAS integrated with the store's CCTV camera system, EASiGuard makes it easy to monitor and manage the EAS anti-theft system, linking a video clip to each antenna alarm event. EASiGuard makes it possible to conduct audits, assess and improve processes, analyze team performance in case of events, improve management and increase the results.

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