When we consider the progress of technology it's impossible to overlook the changes, in our world and the pervasive presence of technology that automates processes within companies. When utilized effectively technology not enhances efficiency and agility. Also improves security. Retailers have been actively embracing this path by updating themselves to stay competitive in the market and enhance their strategies. This proactive approach helps prevent losses and boosts business profitability by leveraging technology to its potential.

However it's important to understand that simply having the technology, in place is not sufficient. It is crucial to possess the knowledge of utilizing it and relying on updates to existing systems, like anti theft antennas, POS monitoring and CCTVs. These systems gain advantages for retailers when they are connected to the internet.

Web system for POS monitoring

With Inwave's EASiCash, for example, retailers can guarantee intelligent POS monitoring from any device connected to the internet. The system cross-references audio and images of checkout operations with data from the tax coupon, making it possible to identify errors, fraud and other forms of loss. In addition, the system works in the cloud (AWS), giving more flexibility and optimizing resources.

EASiCash is the only cloud solution for monitoring cash operations, which allows processes to be optimized and monitoring intelligence to be concentrated in the central office, reducing store resources and improving operational efficiency.

With solutions connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), retailers can access their tools in real time, from anywhere, ensuring centralized management.

EAS + CCTV: IoT technology enables integration and greater efficiency

Another major advantage that IoT brings to retail is the possibility of integrating solutions by cross-referencing data.  In the case of anti-theft systems, Inwave presents the EASiGuard solution, which integrates the intelligent EAS anti-theft system with CCTV, linking a video clip to each anti-theft antenna trigger. This makes it possible to audit all alarm events, observing the types of occurrence and the actions of store staff, improving processes and reducing losses.

Video analysis intelligence to increase sales

Another solution connected to the Internet is iVA (Intelligent Video Analytics), which provides information on customer behavior inside the store. With it, physical retailers can work with the same consumer behavior metrics used by online retailers. iVA is capable of analyzing videos in order to automatically detect and identify events and objects. It is an artificial intelligence and connected computer vision (IoT) solution that provides flow count data, heat maps, dwell time and more.

iVA provides data on traffic patterns and dwell times in specific areas. This data helps to plan the most effective merchandising, layout, display and distribution of spaces. It can also be used to monitor waiting times in checkout queues or to provide better customer service, with more staff in areas with the highest demand at any given time.

IoT enabling an Intelligence Center

IoT solutions bring a more analytical layer to retail, with data that can be used in management. Web access facilitates management, with real-time online access to all the chain's stores from any internet-connected device.

Inwave's proposal is to transform the old 'monitoring center' into an 'intelligence center' that generates data for more analytical and intelligent management.

Loss prevention professionals need access to reliable data and indicators to support them in making more assertive decisions. Devices need to be given intelligence through the IoT. The equipment needs to be solutions capable of generating indicators for supermarket owners, generating information that will guide the solution of problems, directly to their causes.