It's quite common to discuss metrics, in the e commerce industry. What if we could also apply this management approach to traditional brick and mortar stores? Like how we analyze a consumers journey we can now observe their behavior within physical stores too. This means understanding which sections of the store they spend the time in which products catch their attention the most and how they behave in areas. By analyzing data and using these insights retailers can enhance the shopping experience for customers. Intelligent video analysis technologies connected to the internet play a role, in uncovering these metrics.

With the help of internet-connected retail video analysis tools, it is possible to work more effectively, conducting more analytical management for greater operational efficiency.

Check out some metrics generated by iVA, a retail video analysis tool:

  • Customer flow count in the store
  • Distribution of customers who visited the store by age group and gender
  • Dwell time with a counting map
  • Spatial heat map

Rely on retail video analysis tools, Inwave's iVA technology, to support the strategy and management of your stores.

  • Understand the profile and behavior of customers in the store
  • Analyze customer journeys: points with higher visibility and dwell time
  • Identify prime areas and validate planograms
  • Improve the positioning of categories, brands, and products
  • Calculate attractiveness and conversion rates
  • Evaluate promotional activities and store layout
  • Monitor queues, organize employee schedules, and much more!

With the help of retail video analysis, the retailer has access to real data about their business and can assess how to improve not only their management but also the customer shopping experience. With real data, it is possible to more effectively manage sales strategies and loss prevention. Develop more effective strategies with internet-connected equipment. The data from your stores will turn into true treasures.

Explore Inwave's internet-connected solutions and discover how to further enhance your business by applying metrics collected in physical stores.