We kicked off 2023 with some fantastic news that has filled us with joy, and we're excited to share it with our blog readers: Inwave, a technology solutions developer for retail with a focus on reducing losses and enhancing the shopper experience, has earned a prestigious certification — the Great Place To Work seal. What makes us even prouder is the feedback from our employees, securing the certification on our first attempt: 86% of them believe that our company is a great place to work.

This seal serves as our ticket to compete for a spot in the annual ranking by the Great Place To Work consultancy, which recognizes the best companies to work for, honoring them on national, regional, sectoral, and thematic levels. A standout feature was the high engagement of our employees, reaching an impressive 96% participation in the Great Place To Work survey. This survey supports and rewards companies, encouraging them to achieve better results and high performance based on trust, innovation, and pride among employees.

The seal is incredibly important, and the numbers we received from Great Place To Work are very encouraging. Knowing that we have the support and trust of 96% of our employees, and 86% of them affirming that our company is a great place to work, is motivating. These data show that we are on the right path, growing with the participation, support, and trust of our employees who know they can contribute by bringing their suggestions, feedback, and building Inwave with us.

The year 2022 will be remembered in Inwave's history as a year of transformation and rapid growth. Serving clients in Latin America and Europe, our company took control of its own distribution and began serving retailers directly. We continue to offer our well-known products in the market, such as intelligent anti-theft antennas, along with new solutions like iVA (Video Intelligence Analysis), Raildome Rail Camera, and EASiCash, an innovative web system for monitoring the cashier area.

Iin the current scenario of Inwave, where many new processes are being implemented as we expand our portfolio and team, it would be natural to have many areas to improve. "Our idea with the survey was to get a diagnosis to plan future actions better. However, achieving certification was an incredible surprise! It's a sign that the culture of trust between the company and employees is strong, and we are on the right path."

Great achievements deserve to be celebrated together!

Congratulations to the Inwave team for all the dedication and commitment, creating a work environment conducive to growth without compromising well-being. In 2023, let's strive for more accomplishments.

Happy New Year to all our partners, and may this year's results be even better!