We're just a few days away from the biggest retail event in Europe, Euroshop 2023. Retailers are gearing up to discover the latest market trends for the upcoming years, and, of course, Inwave couldn't miss this great opportunity to showcase its solutions for management and loss prevention to a specialized audience. Organized by the EHI Retail Institute, the fair, which takes place every three years, will have its next edition from February 26 to March 2. During the event, Inwave will present connected solutions that form a complete in-store ecosystem.

EASiCash technology set to revolutionize checkout management at Euroshop 2023

At the Inwave booth at Euroshop, the highlight will be the international launch of EASiCash, aimed at reducing losses and increasing efficiency at the checkout on a single platform. In addition to monitoring operations, EASiCash allows remote supervision, enabling various operations that previously required a physical presence of a supervisor at the checkout to be performed in seconds from a central location.

If, in the past, canceling an item on the receipt or requesting a refund required the cashier to wait for a store supervisor, now the operation can be done remotely in about 25 seconds. This speeds up the process while improving the customer experience, as they no longer have to wait for a supervisor to arrive at the checkout.

With offices and production units in Brazil and France, Inwave closed 2022 with a revenue growth of 156%, and the expectation for Euroshop 2023 is to expand exports and increase distribution networks abroad.

In the 72m2 booth, Euroshop 2023 attendees can explore and test the solutions already available in the Brazilian market:

  • EASi – Intelligent EAS: a line of antennas and deactivators with intelligent features, generating data and allowing online management of solutions.
  • EASiGuard – EASi + CCTV platform: links a video clip to each activation of anti-theft antennas, enabling event audits and continuous process improvement by identifying the causes of potential theft occurrences and training the team.
  • iVA – Video Analytics Intelligence: a hardware and software solution capable of analyzing images to automatically detect and identify objects, people, events, and behaviors. It's a connected (IoT) solution that provides data on flow counting, purchase intent, heat maps, dwell time, and more.
  • RailDome – Rail camera: a camera embedded in a cart that moves at high speed and with precision inside a tube with a mirrored finish. Discreet and easily integrated into the environment, it goes unnoticed by shopping customers and ill-intentioned visitors.

Inwave develops technology solutions for retail, using IoT to improve store efficiency, reduce losses, and enhance the buyer's experience. With offices and production units in France and Brazil, our equipment is certified in compliance with the European market, CE – "Conformité Européenne," and has the approval of major retailers worldwide.

Come visit Inwave at Euroshop 2023! We'll be waiting for you.