Inwave brought Franco-Brazilian technologies in loss prevention and operational efficiency to Euroshop, Europe's largest retail event promoted by EHI Retail Institute. At Euroshop, the company presented to the world connected solutions that formed a complete ecosystem within the store.

The highlight was the international launch of EASiCash, which operated within a single platform in reducing losses and increasing efficiency at the store checkout. In addition to the monitoring of operations, EASiCash enabled remote supervision, by which various operations, which previously needed the intervention of a supervisor at the store checkout level, could now be done remotely within seconds from a monitoring center.

How does EASiCash works?

  • Audio and video of the processes at the checkout, associated with the tax coupon.
  • Reduction of unidentified losses and greater inventory accuracy.
  • Detection of fraud, with evidence that can be used as legal proof.
  • Identification of errors in cashier operations, providing data for team training and continuous process improvement.
  • Remote and centralized monitoring
  • Reactive care process or monitoring with proactive intervention