EASi - Intelligent EAS, developed by Inwave, is the evolution of the traditional EAS system. With EASi it is possible to access antennas and anti-theft deactivators remotely.

The online panel displays the floor plan of the store, with the status of each equipment installed, in real time, in all the network stores. Another differential value is that EASi enables EAS integration with other technologies, allowing innovation to take us even further...

EASi allows retailers:

  • Verify that the antennas are on or off
  • Plan tag purchases based on deactivation data
  • Verify recording of alarm activations of the antennas for analysis and action plan
  • Connect the alarm activations of the antennas to CCTV (EASiGuard)

EASiGuard is the integration of intelligent EAS with the store's CCTV system, linking a video clip to each anti-theft antenna trigger. EASiGuard enhances the benefits of the EAS system, enabling auditing and continuous improvement of processes, for better results, with less losses. Inwave develops connected solutions so you can go even further